Jesus Throughout the Bible DVD (6 Parts)

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Did you know you can actually read about Jesus, in stunning detail, before you ever get to the New Testament?

You’ll be utterly astonished at how the lives of Old Testament characters — King David, Moses, Adam, Joseph, even Job and others! — mirror and reflect on the life and work of the Messiah.

Journey with Pastor Doug throughout the Bible to discover why the Son of God is called the Word Incarnate. This thrilling Bible study experience will enlighten you, inspire your faith, and give you greater confidence to share Jesus with others.

The Jesus Throughout the Bible 6-DVD set has more than 6 hours of stunning, eye-opening information that every Christian needs to know! You’ll become an expert on how to convince friends and family that the whole Bible is important when considering Jesus.

Six extraordinary, insightful topics are featured in the winsome, heartfelt way that you’ve come to expect from Pastor Doug! (6 DVDs)

Part 1: From Adam to Joseph
Part 2: Moses
Part 3: David
Part 4: Job
Part 5: Elijah & Elisha
Part 6: From Gideon to Esther

“This is one of the most satisfying Bible studies I have ever done. As I deeply researched this crucial topic, I felt as if I was on an incredible adventure, unveiling unexpected truths in unexpected places about our Lord and Savior. Now I want to share it with you. I truly believe it will be one of your most cherished DVDs!” —Pastor Doug Batchelor


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