Here We Stand

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This 10 part series from Pastor Doug Batchelor will ground your faith in the fundamentals. Each presentation gives a clear and Biblical explanation of doctrines such as Salvation, the Second Coming, the Sabbath, the State of the Dead, and many others. This DVD set is perfect for sharing with family and friends who wonder what you believe. Use it in Bible studies, small groups, or as a follow up to an evangelistic series. No matter how its used this is a powerful addition to your evangelism arsenal.

  • Dilemma and Deliverance - Salvation and Commitment
  • The Rest of the Story - Sabbath
  • Confusion in the Cemetery - Death
  • The Rich Man and Lazarus - Hell
  • Cleansing of the Temple - Sanctuary
  • A Nation of Kings - Remnant Church
  • Messenger for a Movement - E.G. White
  • Power in Purity - Holy Living
  • Miraculous Medicine - Health Principles
  • The Day of the Lord - Second Coming


Format 5 DVDs
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