Amazing Facts Biggest DVD release for 2010!

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The extraordinary Prophecy Foundations sharing DVD is packed full of Amazing Facts’ best-selling prophecy resources! It contains Amazing Facts’ most-beloved resources for the past 45 years—all on one DVD! To purchase these items separately would cost more than $300!

The Prophecy Foundations DVD includes:

  • 28 prophecy seminar videos, including Pastor Doug’s testimony – that’s   over 32 hours of footage!
  • All 27 Amazing Facts Study Guides
  • A full fledged Bible study software with multiple free translations and   additional study tools. 
  • 44 of our top-selling pocket books – by Joe Crews,
  • Pastor Doug Bachelor, M.L. Rossvally, and more!
  • Amazing Adventure Study Guide Set
  • Amazing Health! and Hidden Truth Magazines
  • Over 160 Bible Answers Live Questions and Answers
  • Plus nine complete books, including Steps to Christ, Acts of the Apostles, and more

“We’re calling this ‘the biggest DVD in the world!’ Everyone can easily pop it into a computer and have a full evangelistic series at their fingertips. It will give them everything they need to be fully grounded in the message. — the perfect resource for laypeople, churches, and Bible workers!” —Pastor Doug


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